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Online License Description

OnlineLicense application provide a simple and easy use online license solution for PHP, mySQL and C# projects.

User Scenario:

- Peter is a C# desktop application developer, he want to have a online license issuer from PHP and mySQL based website, the OnlineLicense solution provide one API enable Peter to get the left visit time, so that his desktop application know how many times the certain user ever use his application.
- WeiBee is a C# desktop application, which is for Twitter user to do some add-value actions, WeiBee is not a license free application, it's free to trial for some days, but it will need to charge in the WeiBee website, which is powered by PHP and mySQL, WeiBee desktop check the WeiBee website through OnlineLicense to query Twitter user charge information, if the user is in license window, allow this user to do the add-value actions.

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